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"The sage was called Herba Sacra (holy plant), by the Latins due to its unique medicinal properties."


home faskomilo

It is one of the most important plants with regard to its medicinal properties. The Chinese, who have developed a unique system of traditional medicine, exchanged a huge amount of their finest tea with only a small amount of sage during medieval times.


home menta

Mint or “peppermint” along with other kinds of this species are famous and very popular as aromatic plants for infusions – tea – like the “green mint” tea which is the national drink of Tunisia.


home echinacea

It is one of the most widespread medicinal plants all over the world and only in Germany it is estimated that there are about 300 preparations.


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Marjoram is used in cooking, as spice in several dishes, salads, aromatic vinegars etc. Marjoram infusions (tea) are used as tonics for indigestion and headaches.


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The name lavender comes from the latin verb “lavare” which means wash, clean and refers to the use of lavender in baths for the cleansing of the spirit and the body.


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Rosemary is a youth elixir, the symbol of beauty and euphoria and it is considered to be a gift from goddess Aphrodite to people. Rosemary is a bush and it played an important culinary and herbal role in everyday life of people who lived across the Mediterranean Sea.